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The Healthy Diary Macro Friendly Recipes

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The Healthy Diary Macro Friendly Recipes is a collection of 45 EPIC recipes, which have been created to provide you with healthy, balanced, calorie/macro friendly, and most importantly, DELICIOUS ideas for your day-to-day.

This e-book is for you if:
- You are new to healthy eating and want some easy, quick, and delicious recipes to get you started with your journey!
- You have started or are about to start a fat loss journey and need some delicious calorie friendly ideas to implement to your diet.
- You struggle to hit your protein goal and are looking for high protein recipes!
- You are looking for delicious meal prep friendly recipes!
- You enjoy eating high volume foods with high nutritional value!

Most importantly, this e-book is for you if you are ready to ditch restrictive diets and EAT FOODS YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE without compromising your health and fitness goals!

Key features of this e-book:
- 45 recipes including 15 breakfasts, 15 snacks, and 15 main meal ideas.  
- Includes substitutions and universal conversions.
- Includes my favorite brands.
- Includes meal prep tips.
- This e-book is interactive. Select the meal on the "Table of Contents" page and go directly to the recipe and go back by clicking on the "home" icon.

BONUS – I've included 4 sample meal plans to get you started!

I hope you love every single recipe as much as I do!


- Remember that this is a digital download. If you wish to have the e-book as a hardcopy, you will need to have it printed and bound at your own cost.
- There will be no refunds for change of mind.
- If you want to access this book on your mobile or tablet, please download the file on your desktop first before transferring to your phone (otherwise the interactive function won't be available). Alternatively, you can open and view the file on your mobile via the link sent to your email address.
- If you have any questions or issues purchasing and/or downloading, please email me directly at
You will get a PDF (40MB) file
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