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My Girlfriend Is A Cat

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An Nian is an abandoned baby. When he was three years old, he entered the land of the elves by mistake, inheriting the last strength of the black cat family.After living as a cat for 12 years, she was rescued by nine minister an and returned to human society.
An Nian, ignorant and ignorant, has great power. When she meets a fierce ghost, she can swallow it at a time. When she meets a zombie, she can carry it, catch it and tear it. But she doesn't know how to get along with others.
Until she was picked up by a man named Chen Yang.
One day, Chen Yang found a black cat.
After bathing, rolling, sleeping, all the work to be done, I found the black catIt's a girl.
Chen Yang: "..."
Anning: "I didn't mean to peek at your bath."
Chen Yang: "..."
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