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Fitness Foundations - A Beginner's Guide

The Apprentice
This was me...just starting my fitness journey getting fit, chasing big weights, and putting on massive amounts of muscle.

As a beginner, I had very limited knowledge of dieting, training, or the bodybuilding lifestyle.  I was taking every advice from all the "big fellas" in the gym, stereotypical "fitness" magazines, and believing all the hype that came from the supplement industry.

I wasted several years debunking useless methodologies that left me spinning my wheels trying to make progress from all my hard work.

The Mentor
This is me today...I have found what is truly needed to create a well balanced fitness lifestyle that has allowed me to excel physically and mentally, as well as in my personal life outside the gym.

Through several years of research, modification and application, I discovered that less is more and filtered out the unnecessary 'noise' in the fitness industry.

I wish I knew back then what I know now.  I would absolutely give this knowledge to my younger self to eliminate all the guesswork.  Lucky for you, this won't be the case!

Mindset and Lifestyle
Good/Bad Days

Energy Balance Dietary Principles 101
What are macro/micro-nutrients, how to find your individual macros/micros
How to find your true maintenance calories
Meal frequency
Meal examples and macro breakdowns
List of food examples
How to track calories
How to be in a true deficit, also known as "cutting"
How to be in a true surplus, also known as "bulking"

Training Protocols and Splits 
Explanation of different types of splits/routines
Types of frequency
Different rep ranges
Examples beginners splits
Examples on how to progressive overload
Implementing cardio

Recommended Supplementation
What supplements are necessary and/or truly work

Avoidance of Dogma
Meal frequency
Macro myths
Weight volume and loads
Standard formulas

Expected Results 
How long
Comparing results

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