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From Dionysus to Jesus

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The current surge of deadly white supremacist violence against persons of color is based on the satanic belief of I’m better than you, supported by the misuse of the Christian bible and a white man-god image. Those preaching that Jesus is Lord, which contradicts the monotheistic teachings of the Bible and the Prophet of Nazareth, are intentionally misinterpreting the message of the Messiah.  From the name used for the Messiah - Iesus to the name used for G-d - Dios, in the celebration of Hanukah, Mardi Gras and Christmas, we find the pagan Greek legacy.  How could the One God of Abraham become a combined triune deity of a heavenly father, a man-god son and the Holy Spirit (in the bodily form of a dove) in contradiction to the bible?  In this book, those contradictions and the connection between the beliefs, practices, mythology and language of the Ancient Greeks and Modern Christianity are examined in the light of history, the various versions of the Bible and the Quran.  And once presented the light of truth of the oneness of Almighty G-d, the relevance of Al Islam in the so-called modern age becomes clear!  Removing symbols of hate is not enough; white supremacy will continue to wreak havoc on the human family until G-d supremacy resides in the hearts of both the victims and the perpetrators.

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