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Blue Moon of Kentucky

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Blue Moon of Kentucky

Banjo Tab PDF + MP3

The tab contains 2 banjo breaks, each with the full verse and chorus played in 4/4 time. The 1st Break stays close to the melody as often sung by Bill Monroe.  The 2nd Break, while still melody-based, is a tasteful variation, notably in Measures 44-45, where the break changes octaves on the words "keep on shining". Measure 56 features the high note that Bill Monroe would sometimes sing on the word "high", and Measure 64 features a Scruggs lick played over the D chord.

The MP3 of each break is played at 82 bpm. G Tuning gDGBD. Tab by Tom Adams.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (46KB)
  • MP3 (828KB)
  • MP3 (806KB)