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Mirna LLC Trying Out Her Crutches in and out of Hose Before the Party (HD 1920X1080)

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(English) Mirna has got a party to go to and it’s the first time her friends will see the full-length leg cast on her six-foot frame which she now has to deal with the next few weeks. She's decided to hose her exposed cast toes and wears black hose to cover her bright blue cast and her angled cast foot to look as much like her one shoe as possible. Laying on her couch looking dejectedly at her angled long leg cast she sits up and calls her friend to pick her up later to go to the party. Then she gets on her new pair of crutches and decides to go out and crutch down the stairs and around her courtyard so she can get better use to them and not stumble around at the party she will be attending. She crutches up and down the steps to better assist her balance and decides the hose are riding up the cast and annoying her very long toes and is ripping anyway around the cast foot. So, she sits at the bottom of her steps and pulls her hose off to reveal her long pretty toes on both feet before she puts her single shoe back on. She decides she'll keep her painted cast toes exposed tonight as she crutches around the party trying not to get them stepped on because they are the only part of her foot that reach the floor on her angled cast.

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