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Introduction to Sara's Diet

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A new Light on Autism Research
and Treatment

This 24 page article is full of information on the lutein-free diet (Sara's Diet) program for Autism,
providing a wealth of information on the biological nature of autism, how behavior complexes develop, why autists have feeding issues, and how to start a lutein-free diet program using an understanding of nutrition, based on carefully selected nutrient-rich foods.

Sara's Diet - The Lutein-Free Solution
How an "Immune cascade" leads to autism - and how to reverse it; The science behind the diet.

"The nutritional autism program based on the lutein-free approach"

Sandra and Max Desorgher have taught the lutein-free approach since 1997, written two books and many articles, and travelled around the world to share this knowledge. Here in one article, is all of the knowledge you will need to start your own journey to recovery.


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