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6 Week Bodybuilding Program

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What Is The Program About?

My 6 Week Bodybuilding Program has been specifically designed to help you put on as much muscle as possible, while increasing your squat, bench and deadlift. The program follows a push, pull, legs split and consists of two phases. The program is made up of simple training principles that are proven to work. over complicating your training is never a good idea! you could also repeat this program over and over again, get you money worth!

If you are advanced, intermediate or a beginner does not matter, its designed for everyone! This program is also very customizable, as you can very easily manipulate the sets, reps and even some exercises. It also includes a way to track your progress.


+ 6 Weeks Of Training

+ Comes In PDF and Excel Format

+ Easy To Customize

+ Repeatable

+ Way To Track Your Progress
You will get the following files:
  • XLSX (177KB)
  • PDF (6MB)