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Authors: J. Bartholomew Walker
               Emma B. Quadrakoff

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Biblical analysis not commentary.
  • What is the Biblical age of the earth? The answer to this; depends upon whether or not two mutually exclusive processes, can nevertheless be the same process. If yes, then the Biblical age of the earth is less than ten thousand years. If no, then the Bible has nothing to say about this; and by default, the scientific age prevails, as that would then be: “best evidence.”
  • How much actual creation occurred in the first Chapter of Genesis; and if it was not creation, precisely what was it?
  • Are there any references to evolution in Genesis?
  • What is man’s role as a “host;” and what does the original Hebrew word translated as “host” mean?
  • Precisely how many “Adams” does the Bible tell us about; and what were their specific purposes and relationships.
  • Was the “serpent” in the “garden” actually a snake; and what was it doing there?
  • What exactly are “chosen” people,” what were they “chosen” for; and what is a “gentile?”
  • What actually went on at Calvary that remains largely unknown—even today?

Why do our critics, (“atheists“ and “Bible thumpers”), refer to this work as: “From Creation to Calvary, with Adultery in Between?”

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