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101 Strategies To Improve Your Grades Without Studying More

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This book will show you 101 Strategies To Improve Your Grades Without Studying More and how you can give up studying and still score near the top of your class.

95% of the average class' grade has nothing to do with how hard or long you study.

What would you do with the extra hours you'll gain? 

Imagine how much you could enjoy your free time if you didn't have to stress out about your procrastination.

This is a brand new update of the study ebook known as HTNSA by readers. It's been used by 1000's of Smart Student Secrets fans to improve their grades while still living a good life.

It goes over:
  • How to catch up in any classes you have fallen behind in FAST - And making sure you don't fall behind again
  • How to find classes that are almost automatic A's when you know what you're doing
  • Developing a laser focused mind that doesn't procrastinate
  • Use a commonly ignored class essential to save hours of your time every week
  • Learning to skip stuff that doesn't matter TO ACTUALLY IMPROVE YOUR GRADE
  • What every student should know but doesn't - that costs them big points
  • Learn to gain points in class while doing nothing more than what you'd do anyway
  • Learn how to use some points like a combo multiplier to pump up your final score
  • 3 more odd tricks to get any-idiot-can-do-it points
  • How to get your teachers obsessed with increasing your grades - or at least not holding it down
  • Create insane academic confidence - through actual results
  • What you should already be doing - but if you're not... you're losing out
  • Super-powered test taking strategies (that don't involve cramming or even picking up a textbook)
  • How to remember everything you need for the test despite not studying
  • What is understanding - and how can the average guy/gal actually use it to crush tests
  • The exclusive strategies I used to write A+ essays consistently (despite my mediocre grammar)
  • How to set unbelievable goals you'll actually achieve
  • How to improve your grades WHILE improving your life

With Smart Student Secrets Grade Improvement Guarantee, you can be confident that you're going to be ecstatic with this book.

You can create extraordinary results for yourself. This book will show you how to make that happen.

Grade Improvement Guarantee
This book comes with Smart Student Secret's Grade Improvement Guarantee. If you get this book and aren't completely happy with your grades then contact us and well give you a full refund.

Want to know what's in this bad boy?

1. Stupid People Can Still Dominate Their Classes – When They Know This (page 18)

2. The Scientific Approach To Straight-A's (page 22)

3. If You're Blind To This... Then You'll Never Succeed (page 26)

4. Eating Academic Impossibilities For Breakfast (page 29)

Catching Up

5. What Is The Stuff You're Stupid About? (page 36)

6. Find Your Fountains Of Automatic Inspiration (page 39)

7. Why You Don't Have To Always Work Hard To Win Big (page 42)

8. How To Develop Understanding And Forget About Memorization (page 46)

9. You Can't Pull Up An Anchor If The Chain Is Missing A Link (page 49)

Course Selection

10. Getting An A Easier Than Putting Your Pants On (page 55)

11. What If Tests Were No Longer A Thing... (page 58)

12. Follow Your Passions – And Use Them To Score Higher (page 61)

Unlimited Focus

13. How To Manage Those Super Boring Classes That Make You Want To Pull Your Hair Out (page 67)

14. Why You Shouldn't Ask So Many Questions In Class – Don't Listen To The Common Advice (page 70)

15. How To Daydream Responsibly – And Not Miss Everything Important The Teacher Says (page 73)

16. How The Simple Act Of Sitting Down In A Chair Can Improve Your Grade (page 76)

17. How To Not Be Distracted By Shiny Things And Actually Focus When You Need To (page 79)

Read The Syllabus

18. How To Skip Stupid Assignments And Score Higher For It (page 85)

19. The Unusual Ways To Pump Up Your Academic Muscles (And Impress Everyone) (page 88)

Setting Priorities

20. When To Not Care About A Bad Class (page 94)

21. Do Well On Only A Few Assignments And You Can Count On A Great Grade (page 97)

22. Stop Wasting Your Time – This Will Help You Do The Stuff You Love Instead (page 100)

23. How To Lose Balance In Class And Still Feel Like You're Dancing (page 103)

The Essentials

24. Miss These And You'll Probably Fail The Class (page 109)

25. How To Solve Your Study Problems Permanently (page 112)

26. How To Feel Good About Being Wrong – And Use That To Be Wrong Less (page 115)

27. The Non-OCD Approach To Academic Organization (page 118)

28. How To Learn It Without Studying It (page 121)

Taking The Free Points

29. Make Filler Work Fun – And Score Higher Because Of It (page 127)

30. When Your Teacher Makes A Mistake – You Can Make An Easy Win (page 130)

31. Teachers Telling You Exactly What's On The Test (page 133)

32. This Is The Teacher Trying To Hand You Points On A Silver Platter – Take Them! (page 135)

33. Keep It Simple Stupid - Follow Directions (page 138)

Taking The Multiplier Points

34. How To Find Assignments That Look Unimportant – But Actually Are Super Important (page 144)

35. How To Dodge Oddball Assignments That Waste Your Life And Barely Help Your Grade (page 147)

36. And When That Assignment Titillates Your Toes Or Tickles Your Tummy... (page 150)

Tricks For Even More Cheap Points

37. These Are The Academic Loopholes They Don't Want You To Know About (page 154)

38. How To Make It Impossible To Forget Stuff (page 157)

39. Five Minutes Of This Can Improve Your Grade Dramatically (page 160)

Teacher Management

40. How To Stay On Your Teacher's Good-Side (page 166)

41. This Is A Super Secret Ploy To Impress Your Teachers And Learn More At The Same Time (page 169)

42. How To Look Like You Care About Class – Even When You Don't Care That Much (page 172)

Enjoy Boundless Confidence

43. Do The Work In Half The Time And Feel Amazing Doing It (page 178)

44. Doubt Is Killing Your Grades – This Can Stop It (page 181)

45. Your No Engineer Yet. You're A Mad Scientist! (page 184)

46. How To Make Fear A Good Thing That Helps Your Grades Instead Of Hindering Them (page 187)

Good Practice

47. If You Don't Already Do This – You're Sacrificing 5 Points On Every Assignment (page 193)

48. Here Is An Easy Way To Learn Before Losing Points On The Assignment... (page 196)

49. If You Act Like You're A Failure... Don't Be Surprised When People Treat You That Way (page 199)

50. Drown Your Work In Your Ocean Of Knowledge (page 202)

51. How To Get Your Friends To Improve Your Grades For You Without Cheating (page 205)

52. Learn To Write For The Wait-Basket (page 208)

53. This Might Make You Never Open A Textbook Again (page 211)

Test Strategies

54. Tests Are Easy When You Do This (page 217)

55. Learning Is Like Solving A Puzzle – You Can Make The Pieces Fit (page 220)

56. If You Don't Answer Test Questions With 100% Confidence Then Read This... (page 224)

57. How Shutting Your Brain Down Can Help You Take Tests Better (page 227)

58. Perfect Grades Are For Gamblers And Fools (page 230)

How To Remember Everything

59. It's Stupid To Remember Pointless Things. That's Why You Learn This... (page 236)

60. Repetition Is The Idiot's Way Boring Miserable Success – This Can Get Your The Good Kind Of Success (page 239)

61. Create A Motivation That Drags You Along For The Ride (page 242)

62. You Never Have To Go To School Again (page 246)

63. Screwing Up At Everything Is A Sign Your Doing Something Right (page 249)

64. This Is How You Learn The Pleasures Of A Good Class (page 252)

65. The Automatic Approach To Learning (page 255)

66. I Bet You Can't Read This Chapter – If You Did Then School Would Be Way More Fun (page 258)

67. How To Learn What You'll “Never Use” In Life (page 261)

68. You Can Master This Competitive Strategy To Improving Your Grades (page 264)

69. This Will Keep You Learning Even When You Think You Already Know Enough – And You'll Love Every Second Of It (page 267)


70. How To Learn Things That Aren't True But Still Improve Your Grades Anyway (page 273)

71. This Chapter Is Like A Tiger In The Grass Ready To Pounce On The Unsuspecting Reader – And Then Teach Them A Valuable Lesson (page 276)

72. How To Doubt Everything – And Be Better For It (page 280)

73. You're Smart Enough To Do Extraordinary Things (But Know This Or You'll Get Cocky About It) (page 283)

74. Shrek's Onion Approach To Understanding Stuff (page 286)

75. How To Know What You Don't Need To Know (Yet) (page 289)

76. Learning How Knowledge Fits Together Can Create Extraordinary Efficiency In Your Learning (page 292)

77. Pattern Recognition Lets You Solve Problems Before You Even Know What They Are (page 295)

78. You Can Know What's Important To Know Now – And Score Higher Knowing Less Because Of It (page 298)


79. How To Write Something You Know Nothing About (page 304)

80. This Is Probably The Most Fun Way You Can Improve Your Writing (page 307)

81. How To Look Like You Know What You're Talking About – Even If You're Not So Sure (page 310)

82. Big Words Suck – Learn This Early (page 314)


83. If You Don't Know Where You're Going, Don't Be Surprised If You End Up On The Moon Without A Spaceship (page 320)

84. How To Survive Screwed Up Goals – And Hit Them Next Time Around (page 323)

85. How Long Should It Take To Reach Your Academic Goal? (page 326)

86. How To Adjust Your Strategy Until It Works (page 329)


87. A Sure Fire Method For An Embarrassing Failure (page 336)

88. How To Keep A Schedule And Not Act Like A Crazy Person (page 339)

89. If You Can't Think About It In The Shower Then You Probably Won't Achieve This... (page 343)

90. How To Turn Conversations Into Super Powered Automatic Studying Machines (page 346)

91. You Don't Have To Be Completely Worn Out To Do A Good Job – Do This Instead (page 349)

92. How To Seriously Relax Your Way To Greater Successes (page 352)

93. Once You Accept This – School Isn't Going To Be So Painful Anymore (page 355)

94. Take Advantage Of Your Irrational Emotions To Create Better Grades (page 358)

95. You Never Suffer The Same Bad Emotion Twice When You Do This (page 362)

96. This Is How You Completely Ruin Your Hope Of Learning Better Next Time (page 365)

97. Even If You Fail Your Finals – You Can Still Do Killer In The Class (page 368)

98. How To Not Obsess Over Grades While Scoring Higher Than Ever (page 371)

99. Doing This Will Improve Your Grades In An Surprising Way (page 374)

100. You Can Forget Everything After The Test But You Need To Remember One Thing... (page 377)

101. This Is Your Ultimate Purpose – Use It (page 380)
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