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Winter's Child

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Nichole's whole life has been marked by loss - the loss of her parents, her stillborn daughter, and the chance of Nichole ever having a biological child of her own.

But when a tragedy brings the most bittersweet miracle into their lives, Nichole and Jhon feel as if they have another chance. The miracle is Elizabeth - an innocent girl abandoned by her mother, then robbed of her adoptive parents in a mysterious fire.

Elizabeth is crying out for the love and affection Nichole and Jhon have been so desperate to share. And after taking the little girl in, Nichole knows the three of them will be the perfect family.

However, as the seasons change, so too does Elizabeth's nature. Shy and sweet in the spring, warm and gregarious in summer, she suddenly becomes subdued and anxious in the fall. Then, as the nights grow colder and darker, a fourth side to Elizabeth's nature steps to the forefront.

Manipulative. Cunning. Dangerous.

Soon, Nichole realizes that the dream life she's built stands on nightmarish foundations. To protect those she loves the most, she'll have to go against every instinct and principle she has as a mother.

Winter's Child is a taut and chilling thriller from Christine D. Shuck - a gripping page-turner in the tradition of Gillian Flynn, Willow Rose, Jayne Renshaw, and Sarah Denzil.
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