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Incorporate for Freedom Masterclass

Protect Assets, Reduce Taxes, Preserve Legacy

To Protect and Preserve

On the heels of Mark's ground breaking book "Incorporate for Freedom: Corporate Structures of the Elite," this deep-dive into the process, secrets and applications of elite corporate structuring is a masterclass like none other.

With over 7 hours of content covering everything from compliance to the actual setup of complex structures, this masterclass is the quintessential volume on DIY corporate structure knowledge. It is parced into easy-to-follow chapters which show you the process of Asset Protection, Tax Reduction, and Legacy Preservation.

Knowledge is Power

Most tax "professionals" receive the same standard training which dictates that a single entity solves all. Through exhaustive research on the structures of the mega media corporations, Mark has discovered elite secrets for incorporation which combine the assets of multiple entity classes for a powerful solution to the tax and protection issues of most small to medium sized businesses.

This course teaches users the process for creatively choosing entities and structures of them for maximum benefit of the three pillars described earlier. This masterclass is an incredible resource for future expansion as well.

Introduction Video

Mark introduces the Masterclass and explains the critical value of this course.

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Course Curriculum

Each chapter follows Mark through theory, examples and practical application for DIY corporate structures:

  1. Introduction
  2. How the System Works
  3. Structures/Organization
  4. Esoteric Entities
  5. The Big 4 (LLC/LLP/S-Corp/C-Corp)
  6. The Process of Incorporation
  7. Plotting the Future (Legacy Preservation)
  8. States in Which to incorporate
  9. Asset Protection
  10. Bylaw Creation
  11. Minute Creation
  12. Certificate/Share Creation
  13. EIN Creation
  14. Compliance
  15. Lawsuit Proofing
  16. Tax Mastery

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