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Autopilot Sock recipe

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Meet your new favourite sock to knit and wear: A super-easy toe-up version that lets you customize the fit with absolutely NO MATH(s). This gusset + heel-flap sock recipe will simply and clearly show you where to make adjustments – and how much to adjust – so that the sock you’ve spent loving hours knitting will fit your foot just as lovingly. High arches, wide ankles, skinny heels…all are no problem with the Autopilot sock!

Yes, I did say gusset and heel flap, but NO kitchener stitch or grafting is required, and there is no picking up of stitches!

Because this is a toe-up sock, it can be made to fit any size foot. The numbers shown are starting points for a woman’s foot in the size US 7-9 range. For a man’s foot, cast on more stitches; for a child or toddler, 1/2 to 1/3. The same principles of construction will apply to any size foot. Most important: as you knit it, try the sock on the foot it’s intended to fit. Once you’ve knit a pair for you, you’ll see where to make the adjustments for other sizes.
You will get a PDF (324KB) file
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