Complete Swing Hacking Video Guide

by Hitterish


"Sean knows what he is talking about"

- Manny Ramirez | 12x MLB All Star



"Sean has helped me identify some things in my swing that has improved my performance on the field"

- Evan Gattis | Houston Astros



This guide is the result of my life's work.  I spent years studying the best hitters in the world and found a correlation in their swing movements.  


This correlation is the key to maximizing your abilities as a hitter.  I am very proud to present a video guide that will truly make the difference for all players.  



You will learn


1. The Swing Movements of the Greats


2. The Difference between amatuer hitters vs. great hitters


3. The keys to maximizing your bat speed


4. The critical information necessary to maximize your abilities



You will get a MP4 (3GB) file.

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$ 50.00

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