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The Violated 3

Lynn Allard did as she was ordered, sinking to the wool carpet and lying trembling flat on her back, her firm, unblemished skin glossy in the indirect lighting, her full breasts pooling provocatively on her palpitating chest, her flat, hardly touched stomach rippling with queer sensations of fear and excitement. There was something so terrible, so wretched about exposing her vainly resisting naked body before all these boys that it was almost exciting...

 "Open those thighs wider," Stan continued. "Now put your finger in your cunt and play with yourself. I bet you do that all the time at home, anyway," he snickered, and the truth of his dirty jibe made Lynn blush profusely, right to the roots of her hair. "Make your cunt all nice and hot while we watch you."

Mortified, Lynn looked down between her legs at the exposed, hair-lined lips of her vagina, the cool air of the day wafting gently over them and making them tingle erotically. She swallowed hard and with her middle finger extended and her face shining with sweat and intense embarrassment, she slowly started to run her finger up and down the moist, wet valley between her wide splayed thighs, all the way from the gently quivering crevice where her tiny puckered anus nestled, up to the tightly ovalled mouth of her vagina, and above, where she touched the exposed, hard bud of her clitoris.

A shock of sexual arousal passed through her as her fingernail grazed the bud, and she spasmed with a momentarily uncontrollable throb of desire. The hapless, broken girl realized then that she had been trapped in a depraved circus of evil lewdness, that her initiation was only an excuse for these tormenting boys to wreak their licentious passions on her body without any regard for her

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