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A Date with a Balloon

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"You tried out this new mobile app called Squekr, its specifically for hooking up with people into inflation and such. One person catches your eye, someone who...IS a balloon. You have seen people like this around lately among other things but have never gotten to to really meet one. You decide to meet up at the park and see where this goes."

Enjoy an extended 3 part audioplay where your getting to date a sweet balloon person. Enjoy a walk in the park, lunch and spending some time at home for a little intimacy. Featuring the voice talents of the lovely @Swirl_Squirrel ( This is the first file I have started actually selling and any purchases at all would greatly help me be able to support my work, pay actors and keep doing what im doing full time. I hope you find it worth the price. 

Features mild intamacy
You will get a WAV (174MB) file