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Hugi SLC (Term) Crutching in Public with Foot Play Cast Talk, Pedicure and Cast Signing (HD 1920X1080)

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(English) Hugi is crutching to meeth her friend on a beautiful spring day. After quite a bit of crutching she finds her on a concrete stoop. Her friend notes her cast and exposed wiggly toes and they discuss it. Hugi notes her toenails are a bit chipped and her friend offers to fix them on just her exposed cast toes. Then they decorate the cast as well even though it already has a flower pattern. Thne they continue on a stroll with Hugi trying to keep up to her while crutching and stopping for some water before crutching on. An excellent crutching and foot play clip with closeups, cast talk and foot play. About two minutes of extra crutching in this one and less background filtering.

TIME: 17 Mins
SIZE: 765 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
DATE: 05/25/22

You will get a MP4 (805MB) file

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