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Miss Toxxic: Kidnapped

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They stood above me like stern goddesses with their hands on their hips.

"How did you escape?" - asked Maja, and I just looked at her. And if I could find the words, the tape would prevent me from any explanation.

"Look who chickened out" - Ivana laughed and crouched next to me and tore the tape from my mouth, without removing it completely.

"She asked you something," she said sharply.

I blew a bit of the tape that was entering my mouth and stammered:

"I tore off the handcuffs"

Maja raised her eyebrows in wonder. "Ripped them off? Fucking Chinese garbage"

"Have you told anyone about this?" - Ivana added, milder and more concerned.

I was silent. I was hoping to gain some advantage by doing so.

Maja took off her flip-flop and brought her bare foot to my face. She lifted my chin with it and repeated the same sentence, word for word: "Did you say anything about this to anyone?"

I shook my head no.

Her toes now crossed my lips as if they were painting them.

"Yes or no, it's a simple question"

"No" - I barely uttered it, almost inaudibly.

Ivana, still crouching next to me, completely removed the tape from my mouth.

"I don't believe you" - she said to me and then looked at Maja.

"I think he's lying, he must have had some help"

Maja stood and looked at me, at first not saying anything and then she bent down to my feet and pulled me by them to lay me down. With fear I looked above me, into her brown eyes.


A soft foot with the smell of sunscreen pressed against my mouth.

"Did you tell anyone about this?" - this time she sounded calmer but also stricter.

“M-m! Mm!” I mumbled into the soft sole.

Ivana took out her mobile phone from the back pocket of her pants, turned on the flash, which blinded me, and started recording.

"Tell the truth or I'll send this to all your friends and all of Instagram" - she sounded angry.

Maja removed her foot from my mouth and said: "Here's your chance to convince us."
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