Biblical Psychology: A Biblical Hand-book to the Human Mind

by Daniel G. McCrillis, Th.D.

It has become common knowledge that Christianity in America is in a crisis. While the answers to our problems are frequently expressed through external remedies – another addiction program, self-help teaching, ministry adventure, 100 ways to…, etc., – the average state of the inner man (I Tim. 4:8) is starving. As Christianity chomps at the bit to fix these peripheral issues, man’s most inner being seldom receives the needed attention to maximize his life’s potential. A basic education in Biblical Psychology will bring the human mind out of the shadows and into the forefront of contextual and hermeneutical criticism. The truths found within Biblical Psychology are just as powerful today as ever. Surprisingly, 1/4 of the New Testament directly or indirectly refers to the mind, making its subject more than relevant. Although it is believed that the mind is the most powerful machine in the world, it is impossible to tap into its energy without understanding the purposes of its many intellectual properties: attention, conscience, emotion, heart, imagination, knowledge, memory, opinions, perception, reason, understanding, and thought.

• What is logic? How do I use my logic and reasoning for good?
• What is my conscience? How do I keep a good conscience?
• What is the purpose of my memory? How do I delete bad files from my mind’s memory and upload the right files?
• How can I get control of my out-of-control mind?
• Do my feelings ever lie? Can I trust my feelings?
• In what part of the mind does depression exist, and can I beat it without medication?
• What is the purpose of knowledge?
• How do I know if my perception is right or wrong?
• What is the purpose of my imagination?
• What is the most practical way to have a positive attitude?
• How do I overcome my addictive behavior, fear, inferiority complex, negativity, etc.?

In this book, we will ask and answer these questions and overcome one of humanity’s great dilemmas, as we study the mind from a biblical perspective. We will also bring to the table, the mind’s great riddles: what it is, how it works, what its safe guards are, and how to use it rightly. Finally, we will discover that the mental logistics found within the Bible are the very answer to the Christian’s reformation (Rom. 12:1-2) and obtaining the power of God (II Tim. 1:7) in his life!

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