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Here we are then, at the milestone Issue 100 Where has the time gone? We wanted to do something special, so we invited two of the most fascinating LEGO designers to speak to us for this month’s edition. You’ll enjoy exclusive interviews with Jamie Berard and Niels Milan Pedersen.

Jamie talks about his early days as an AFOL before discussing coming into the LEGO Group and launching the modular series with Café Corner. Niels takes us back to how he was hired as a LEGO designer (it’s a great story), then shares what it was like to work on the original LEGO Pirates sets and have Godtfred Kirk Christiansen around.

Given that this is our 100th edition, Simon Pickard challenged himself to come up with 100 ways to connect LEGO elements, many of which you won’t have thought of before. Every technique is presented out of context, so you can incorporate these tricks into any builds you are working on.

We also reflect on how Blocks magazine has arrived at Issue 100. Former Blocks editors Rob Paton and Chris Wharfe join the rest of the Blocks team to talk about specific issues and share memories in a feature that will give you new insight into how this comes together each month.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of the Blocks magazine community over the years. Whether you subscribe and read every issue or pick up the occasional edition, your support has allowed us to cover the LEGO hobby from all angles, month after month. We couldn’t do it without you.

Leg godt!

Graham Hancock


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