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Emma Term SLC & Toe Spica A Doctors Cure For Her Irritated Toes with Foot Play

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(English) Poor Emma has no luck since she has been casted. First, she broke her foot. Then on the metro someone stepped on her exposed casted toes, and she ended with her big toe fully casted. Now she needs a crutch cane to walk and a big open cast shoe to accommodate her casted big toe. But the toe spica is irritating her other long pretty toes and she needs to go to the doctor yet again for some relief. In the waiting room she pulls her cast shoe off to massage her irritated toes. The Doc checks her exposed casted toes and puts yet another bandage on her longest toe so that it’s not irritated further by her plastered toe. Then Emma tries out walking to see if it will give her some relief. She gets back on the gurney so the doctor can pull her shoe off and check her new toe bandage once again. Then she puts her cast show back on and Emma gimps off.

TIME: 14 Mins
SIZE: 910 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
DATE: 10/17/2022

You will get a MP4 (952MB) file

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