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The Happy Hermit - how to thrive as an introvert entrepreneur

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You NEVER have to change who you are to grow your business
Introverts always get the message (implicitly or explicitly) they should try to be more extroverted. We’re told to not be so shy, to speak up more, to make ourselves more visible. We’re constantly told how we should change, especially when it comes to growing our businesses. 

But the truth is …
… you NEVER have to change yourself to live your dreams and build a successful business. In fact, the more you are true to yourself and your introverted ways, the easier it is to create a business you adore.
In this book, I show you how I turned myself from a crappy hermit, who never had enough alone time, to a happy hermit, who has all the freedom and space she wants.

More importantly, you’ll discover how you, too, can build a business that allows you the freedom you desire without changing who you are or doing things you hate!
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