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Figh Shawl

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The Gaelic word Figh—pronounced FEE—means “to weave” or “woven,” and in Scots Gaelic, it even means ‘to knit.’ When I saw this definition, I knew it needed to be named the Figh Shawl because it was inspired by two things—my great-grandfather, who was the town weaver, and my obsession with designing and creating friendship bracelets as a teenager. From all this inspiration came this cozy shawl.

Much thought was put into making this shawl a relaxing experience for you. Mosaic charts are offered in both light on dark and dark on light so that you don’t have to try and switch them in your head. The texture in the body is written so that all of the work is done on the wrong side, allowing you to just knit across the front!

This textured triangular shawl is filled with squishy texture in the body and an engaging mosaic border. With both written and charted directions, it is easy enough for a confident beginner knitter but engaging enough for an advanced one. Written in two sizes, you can choose what fits best into your wardrobe. This is a piece that can be reached for time and again.
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