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Mafia's Dirty Secret

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Indulge in this FREE dark mafia romance series starter by USA Today Bestselling contemporary billionaire romance author Summer Cooper.

In a small town burdened by secrets, Marie lives a life bound by duty and sacrifice. Her days revolve around caring for her sick and abusive mother, the only love she knows that will never be returned. But when a mysterious out-of-towner named Matteo arrives, everything changes.

Ignoring her mother's warnings about men, Marie is drawn to Matteo's enigmatic charm and seductive presence. As a member of the mafia, Matteo embodies danger and intrigue, igniting a fire within Marie that she never knew existed. With him, she finds the attention and affection she has always yearned for.

However, beneath Matteo's irresistible exterior lies a secret that could unravel everything they've built. As Marie dives deeper into his intoxicating world, she must confront the consequences of her choices and Matteo's secret.

The reading order of this series is as follows:

1. Mafia's Dirty Secret 

2. Mafia's Fake Bride 

3. Mafia's Final Play

This book is sizzling hot book (and not suitable for prudish readers), perfect for readers who relish the sensuous and captivating works of Luna Mason, Eva Winners, Parker S. Huntington, Nicole Fox and TL Swan.
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