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Rolling Cumulus Software “Chapter 2: Abandoned And Forgotten Airports” Australia for MSFS 2020

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The war with Japan had escalated; Darwin had been bombed, and the RAAF was creating a strategic inland defense network. The plan was to establish airfields in inland Australia for both regular operational use and as emergency airfields should it be required to evacuate other airfields closer to the coast and under constant attack.

Fly to 12 of the many airfields built for the RAAF and others that are still available (not for regular use!) in case of emergency all over the island continent.

Fly to: Anthill Base, Caversham, Breddan, Coomalie, Fenton, Nablac, Bulaga, McDonald, Gortrie, Corunna, Long and Pell. Some were for RAAF use only while others for general public use. All have been closed after WW2 and forgotten…until now!
You will get a EXE (20MB) file
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