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BMW R1200 Wethead Service Video 2013-2018

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Thank you for purchasing the BMW R1200 Water Cooled “Wethead” Series Maintenance Video!

Before viewing the video, please take note of the following information:
CAUTION: Although every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the information
in this video, this video was designed to enhance your knowledge of the BMW R1200
“Wethead” series motorcycle. It is not designed to replace the maintenance manual,
or to give 100% complete information on any procedure. Any damage done to a
motorcycle, or injury to persons viewing this video are solely the responsibility of the
viewer, and not the responsibility of the makers of this video!

NOTE: This video is representative of the entire line of BMW R1200 Water Cooled
“Wethead” motorcycles from 2013 to 2018. While there are some differences with
bodywork and mechanical specifications, all service items are identical across the

IMPORTANT: Check the “Updates” section of my web site for any updates and
corrections before doing any maintenance!

Watch the entire video before attempting any procedure. Some information may be at the end of a

The video was recorded in the highest quality possible. It plays well, and clearly, on a standard video
You can navigate from chapter to chapter using the forward button on your player.

Wethead Download Chapter timing:
This video covers all of the following categories: (Start Times)
1. Oil change, engine, with filter (0:27)
2. Checking valve clearance (6:40)
3. Oil change, rear wheel drive (30:05)
4. Replace air filter cartridge (37:04)
5. Changing brake fluid, front/rear brakes (47:01)
6. Diagnostics Checks (1:05:20)
·Setting service-due date and service countdown distance
7.Misc Checks: (1:11:02)
·Checking front brake pads and brake discs for wear
·Checking rear brake pads and brake disc for wear
·Visual inspection of hydraulic clutch system
·Checking spoke tension, adjusting if necessary
8. Bonus: Brake Pad Change front and rear (1:23:15)

Part of the packare are downloads of the following:
  • Service Schedules
  • Torque Values Chart
  • Valve Adjustment Chart
  • Tool List

For Tool Lists, Maintenance Schedules, Torque Lists and Valve Charts please see the JVB
Productions Website and view the R1200 “Wethead” link in the DVD Info Sales section.

The configuration of your motorcycle will determine if some components, such as crash bars and
bash plates that may need to be removed. Additionally, as more models of Wethead are introduced
I will be adding updates for these in the updates section of my web site. See my Youtube channel
for additional free videos:
If you find any discrepancies, or have any suggestions for improvements or additional DVD
productions, please contact Jim Bade at
You will get the following files:
  • WMV (3GB)
  • PDF (84KB)
  • PDF (321KB)
  • PDF (222KB)
  • PDF (2MB)
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