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Picture this, it gets to Sunday evening and you notice that you're starting to feel tense, your shoulders are hunched, your breathing is more shallow, sometimes you’re holding your breath and clenching your jaw without even realising. 

You’re already overthinking and worrying about what the new week will bring. 

This uneasy feeling isn’t new, sometimes there’s a clear reason why you feel uneasy, other times it feels like it hits you out of nowhere. 

You try to ignore it and busy yourself in hopes that this feeling will go away, it helps to have a distraction but as soon as you slow down that feeling comes back and you’re back at square one. 

If you had some techniques that you could use to feel calmer, to reduce the palpitations, stop the heaviness in your chest, stop the spiral of negative thoughts, you would use them, but right now you don’t know how. 

You want to understand why your body and thoughts are reacting this way so that you can feel more in control of your thoughts and not become so overwhelmed by this feeling. 

You want to learn how to really relax and not feel taken over by your thoughts. 

That’s where The Anxiety Workbook comes in. 

Using the tools in the workbook you will understand the link between what happens in your body and the spiral of negative thoughts. 

You’ll work through the simple to use exercises based on cognitive behavioural principles and evidence based therapy practices at your own pace. 

You’ll develop a toolkit of knowing what works for you to help your anxiety, recognise your anxiety triggers and to not feel so fearful when you start to feel anxious. 

You’ll feel calmer knowing you know exactly what to do. 

You’ll no longer fear anxiety but feel empowered in understanding what’s happening to your body and use your new skills to feel calmer, confident and more in control. 

If you're an overthinker, a worrier or your inner critic and imposter syndrome is often in overdrive, then this workbook is for you. 

Get more of a control of your anxiety, so that your anxiety doesn't control you. 

This in-depth 30 page workbook will help you to understand more about what anxiety is, what mistakes you’re making when trying to help your anxiety, and practical tools based on psychological research and my personal and clinical experience as an experienced psychotherapist. 

The workbook content includes

What is Anxiety

An Anxiety Checklist

Why we need Anxiety

3 Surprising Facts about Anxiety

How to Recognise Anxious Thinking

Identifying Triggers

Developing Coping Skills and more

It also includes reflective Journal exercises, anxiety affirmations and prompts to create your own and further recommendation on how to stop anxiety from taking over your life.

If you've ever wanted support in controlling and minimising your anxiety, this workbook will help.

Based on scientifically researched methods that are simple to read, follow and understand, with practical ways to help your anxiety. 

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You will get a PDF (24MB) file

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