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Writers Room: A Creative Writing Class Vol. 1

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Welcome to the Writers Room! Thanks for coming along on my adventures as I write stories and build books.  In the Writers Room, we are going to talk about how stories are written and books are made. You’ll get to see what it’s like on the inside of the process. From brainstorming to putting that published book on my trophy shelf, I love being an author. I hope you’ll be inspired to write stories too. I’m excited to see what amazing things you’ll create!      
 -B.T. Higgins

This workbook is designed to be the core of a creative language arts curriculum for junior high and high school homeschool students. It contains weekly readings, discussion questions on creative writing, writing projects, and literature analysis. Many of the activities require students to come up with their topics and ideas for writing.  This can be uncomfortable for many but is good practice as every student’s creative style comes from their unique life perspective. The teacher should help students think of story ideas and writing topics. A comprehensive list of writing prompts can be found at the back of this book if students need help getting started.  

A separate study of grammar, vocabulary, elements of public speaking, and essay writing may be needed to supplement this program and create a complete language arts program. However, those elements may also be incorporated into this flexible, free-flowing learning course as the teacher might decide.  A vocabulary list is provided for this purpose at the end of the book. I recommend students use an online editing program like Grammarly to master the rules of English. It can be a very effective way to learn.  

The lessons are designed to provide a loose structure through which students and the teacher may approach creative writing in a fun and engaging way. The instructor should take advantage of teachable moments throughout the course. 

Student work will be the basis for many creative writing discussions. While it can be completed independently, the dynamic of a group offers many opportunities for sharing, feedback, improvement, the valuable exchange of ideas, and social connection.  The teacher should facilitate a free exchange of ideas, opinions, and information within the structure of the activities. Respect toward others should be kept at the forefront. The purpose of sharing student writing is to improve steadily over time. Any feedback that discourages this should not be tolerated. 
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