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End Game, Audiobook, Book 1 The Calm Act

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Audiobook, narrated by Laura Bannister, 9 hour, 55 minutes. Delivered by BookFunnel. Swipe cover image for audio sample.

Time ran out on climate change.

Super-storms. Government surveillance and breakdown.

Tech whisperer Dee Baker seeks safety.

Because the climate science was almost right. It was already too late. Weather disasters spin out of control. Food prices skyrocket. Refugees spill everywhere, including Americans fleeing the dust bowl, floods, and hurricanes.

Congress has a plan, the Calm Act. Its public face is martial law. The secret measures are worse.

Dee's job provides her classified access to the truth. They promise her an ark berth, secure in a sealed biosphere. But she doesn't trust them to deliver. She's also dating Adam, a fun ark-itect, and Zack, who plans to organize the community and take a stand outside the arks.

In this apocalyptic adventure, set in the U.S. Northeast, ordinary people face a mounting climate crisis, and a government that seems to have betrayed them.

Dee needs a plan. Because the storms won't wait.

If you enjoy vivid characters, compelling world-building, and page-turning action, you'll love this first book of Ginger Booth's day-after-tomorrow Calm Act series.

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