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How to Square Your Grouper

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Gifts from strangers are never good. Especially when they’re big bundles of drugs. 

June Nash is back. In Key West on vacation. And not at all hiding out from her famous brother’s crazy fans, The Dewzers. It’s been a tough couple of months and she just wants a little peace and quiet. 

But life doesn’t work that way in June’s world. 

Drug runners have mistaken her for their contact and she ends up with a sailboat full of Square Groupers. Which the Coast Guard immediately takes off her hands. So she’s in the clear, right?

Not even a little. 

Now she’s dodging bullets from rival drug runners as she tries to escape her mom’s attempt to bond and Morgan’s obsessive need to figure out why someone from their past has followed her to Key West.

How do you go from sipping rum one minute to running for your life the next? With June, it’s just another Tuesday.
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