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Intelligence Bulletin: Volume 1 Number 8, April 1943

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Military Intelligence Service, War Department, Washington, D.C., April 1943, 84 pages, 17 drawings, 1 chart. Contents: German Combat in Wood; Recent Developments in German Tactics (Artillery (North Africa); Armored Force (Russia); Proposed Defensive Anti-tank Methods (Russia); Static Defense (North Africa); Defensive Ruses (North Africa)); German Air Forces (Tactics Against Ground Troops; Flying Discipline); German Gun-Howitzer (Standard 105mm); German Tank Maintenance and Recovery; German Destruction of Motor Vehicles; New German Army Insignia; The Fire Fight; Japanese Amphibious Tactics Based on Experiences at Wake; Notes on the Japanese From Their Documents; How the Japanese Treat Natives in S.W. Pacific;Regarding Morale; Regarding U.S. Troops; Regarding Security; Regarding Attack; Regarding Defense Against Airborne Troops; Regarding Equipment (Rubber Boats; Land Mines); Japanese Flame Throwers; Japanese Explanation of S.W. Pacific Reverses; Japanese Anti-aircraft Guns. A Merriam Press Military Archives PDF file. FREE
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