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Analog Drums Vol 3

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Analog Drums Volume 3

128 Drum presets for the Elektron Analog Keys & Analog Four Mk1/Mk2. 

Analog Drums Vol3 is the latest addition to the Analog Drums series. It’s made for anyone who loves to use their Elektron synth as a drum machine. I had so much fun jamming with the first 256 drum sounds I just had to keep making more. After creating hundreds of new sounds I selected only my favorite sounds, and Analog Drums 3 is the result. It contains 128 all new original high quality sounds. If you already own Analog Drums Vol1 & 2 you know what to expect in terms of quality presets that are ready to use. And as with the other Analog Drums packages all the sounds were carefully adjusted to mix well together, and checked with a tuner for easy mixing with other synth sounds. Combine these with the flexible Elektron sequencer and you may find that your synth is the only drum machine you need.

What’s included

  • Analog Drums Vol3 contains the following: 47 Kicks, 49 snares, 16 high-hats, 12 percussion sounds, and 4 sfx.
  • 1 Zipped .syx file (Must be extracted and transferred to your Analog Keys/Four)
  • Alphabetized & Catagorized bank of 128 sounds
  • Useful parameters are mapped to joystick, aftertouch, and velocity

You will get a ZIP (49KB) file

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