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Analog Drums Vol 1

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Analog Drums Volume 1

128 Drum presets for the Elektron Analog Keys & Analog Four Mk1/Mk2. 

Analog Drums Vol1 gives you all the sounds you need to turn your Elektron synth into a beat blasting drum machine. After discovering the excellent Elektron sequencer in my Analog Keys I couldn’t help putting it to use as a drum machine. This was the birth of the whole series of Analog Drum sounds. I knew that this synth was capable of fantastic bass, and coupled with the 2 filters, and powerful envelopes incredible kicks would be no problem. Then Elektron released an update that enabled adjusting the noise color, and this is just what was needed for great hats, and snares. Throughout the Analog Drums series you will find all the classic synthesized drum sounds to build fantastic analog drum kits on your Elektron machine.

What’s included

  • 41 Kicks, 42 snares, 20 high-hats, 23 percussion sounds and 2 sfx.
  • 1 Zipped .syx file (Must be extracted and transferred to your Analog Keys/Four)
  • Alphabetized & Catagorized bank of 128 sounds
  • Useful parameters are mapped to joystick, aftertouch, and velocity

You will get a ZIP (49KB) file

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