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Stories aren't just for kids: Busting 10 myths about Bible storytelling

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In a world increasingly anti-Christian, how can you communicate in a way that leaves the listeners hungry for more?
Stories are a God-designed way to impact hearts.
But many Christians reject stories as just for kids. Christine Dillon has trained thousands of people in storytelling. 10 myths come up over and over again, and they block Christians from using this life-changing ministry tool.
MYTH 1: Adults won’t listen to stories
MYTH 2: Stories are only for non-literate cultures
MYTH 3: Men won’t listen to stories ...
MYTH 6: Storytelling won’t grow mature disciples
MYTH 8: Storytelling will lead to heresy ...

Using stories from around the world Dillon tackles each myth and challenges you to master this tool.

Christine Dillon is a Bible storyteller and trainer who works in Asia and Australia. Her book, Telling the Gospel Through Story: Evangelism that keeps hearers hungry for more (IVP, 2012) has inspired many to start telling the greatest story of them all
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