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Crystals of Morning Dew

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Crystals of Morning Dew 

126 of deep contemplation of poems to inspire,
165 Pages - lovely designed (in Pdf + cover page) 

The Poet, Pantas P. Sitompul, as a 'recognition global poet' - that he has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from the Great Poet - Yayati Madan G. Gandhi, India. He is also as World Feature Poet on Facebook group of PENTASI B, and will be awarded as "World Poet Laureate" on year 2020. And some more, not written all of them herein - only 10 Poets received the Certificate of Excellence among hundreds of selective poets.

He is a very sensitive global poet of today, with some 'International Awards' winning. Mostly in his poems inserting the truth and wisdom - with deep contemplation and inspirational words in reality that promotes: love, peace, and harmony for creating a better world!

I’m really happy to have gone through 126 poems composed by a very sensitive global poet of today. His poems reflect his refined mind and heart that can easily touch everybody’s soft corner for the common desire for any poetic expression in human life. It is because of his profound love for nature and the creations of God on earth that need peace and harmony. Here below are some samples of his poems, as follows:

A Quiddity of Love
“How lovely life could be...
Let's keep our hand clean
Living in peace and harmony
Where Earth is our first home
As a wanderer through eternity!”

A Wanderer
The purpose of living a human life is not only to enjoy bodily comfort but to smoothen our ways of life to have heavenly bliss on earth. The poet, in this sense, is a wanderer. The following lines reveal the poet’s purest heart and mind that desire nothing but a heavenly touch of the Unseen Power. 

I'm a wanderer:
In searching the stair-way to heaven
Till the skin wrinkled on my face
To change the color of my skin, of my soul with love
As a manifestation of my faith, awaiting rapture...!?
I hope dear readers will love to go through the poems.
I’m sure they will enjoy and read the poems repeatedly.
(by Bipul Kalita, India)


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