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Anger Solutions: Proven Strategies for Effectively Resolving Anger and Taking Control of Your Emotions

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Do you control your anger or does it control you? Learn to deal with anger the Anger Solutions way! This innovative 9-step plan will teach you to:
  • Identify the seven anger styles
  • Learn 13 sure signs of anger in the workplace
  • Develop tools for resolving anger at work
  • Give effective feedback and criticism
  • Listen more effectively
  • Enhance communication in your relationships
  • Harness the power of forgiveness
  • Use the TSA formula as your most effective decision-making and problem-resolving tool
  • Communicate effectively with angry people, and much more!

Anger Solutions is now in its fourth revision. "Julie is insightful and masterful in untying the often complex knots of human emotion." - Deborah Charles Wilson, National Seminar Trainer and Coach