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The Spy's Familiar - audiobook

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Captured by a witch as a teen and rescued by the Coven, Orion ‘Tooth’ Templeton vowed he’d make the witch pay. As a Coven agent, he works to ensure no other shifter suffers the way he did. 

Now he’s been given the most important mission of his life. Not only will he have the chance to bring down the Shadow Board, but he’ll also exact his revenge. 

The job is anything but easy, and it’s only complicated further when he’s paired with two other agents—both of whom are witches. How can he work with the man who is supposed to be his fated mate—and who also happens to be straight and doesn’t want him—and a prince who is keeping secrets and tempts Orion in ways he finds impossible to resist? 

Mistakes get made.

When the secrets are spilled and the danger increases, Orion will have to choose who he wants to be…and, more importantly, who he wants to be with… 

His fated mate, who doesn’t want to let him walk away, or the prince who can only offer him a place in the shadows, not by his side.

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