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Dark Child (Wild Men 5)

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Mercury “Merc” Watson
Not your average boy next door
Hot stud, indie music fan, dirty mechanic
With a panty-melting grin
And eyes that hide dark secrets…

I’ve often seen him on campus as I run from class to class
Girls flock around him all the time
He’s too hot for words. Tall, muscular, handsome.
Also distant, arrogant, in a trajectory so far from mine I can’t hope to touch him
Maybe it’s for the best.
I’ve sworn off men, you see. For good.
Until one day he asks me out.
Woo baby, right?
Only he thinks I’m my twin sister.
Then he admits that behind the golden façade he hides a dark secret and....
I’m hooked. 
I need to know what it is. Solve the riddle.
Without losing my heart to him.
Easier said than done.

* Standalone novel in the world of Caveman - Merc's story *
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