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Book One of The Evolution Series - Evolution Awakening

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Book One of The Evolution Series

When the enigmatic Ruslan lands on her doorstep after the death of her Uncle Charlie, Ash Kyndal wants no part of the mysterious Russian. No part of his inexplicable appearance; no part of his cryptic insistence that Charlie was a man to whom he owed a great debt; and definitely no part of the intense chemistry that seethes between them.

But walking away from the PI business Charlie spent his life building isn’t an option, even if it does come with said annoying Russian. And while Ash doesn’t trust Ruslan, he does seem to have her back, especially after a group of deadly men in black target her. When they uncover an organization bent on altering the genetic blueprint of humanity—and come up against its unleashed experiment—things go from bad to worse.

Because the men in black are determined to annihilate the organization, and the organization is determined to annihilate the world. And if that isn’t enough, Ash has begun to realize Ruslan is far more than he appears, more than the man Charlie once helped, more than the reliable partner he’s become.

He’s part of the experiment itself.

As sides are chosen and the fight for survival becomes personal, Ash must decide how far she’s willing to go for a man she isn’t sure she can trust…

A suspenseful paranormal / sci-fi / fantasy romance series.


"A suspenseful tale I could NOT put down."


"If you love books with an incredible story, amazing characters, action packed scenes that leave you breathless and twists and turns you never see coming...this book should be at the top of your list to read."


"…Was sleep deprived at work today because I just couldn't put it down. Love that Ms. Anika is applying her considerable talents to a different genre."
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