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Mating Instincts Signed Paperback

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I’m Rory “Nips” Kilkenny, a brother of the Dark Leopards MC, and I take pride in pleasing the ladies. My inner lynx tells me my whorish ways are gonna get me in trouble someday, but I’m all about my freedom. There’s no chance of failing to measure up if you just take what you want.

Athena Chouteau strides into our club on a mission: Find the one the mating instinct has led her to. But, she finds me with a busty, satiated blonde on my lap, and once again, I’m a disappointment.

My lynx whispers an I told you so, and I realize I’ve got my work cut out for me. Given the chance, I strive to prove my worth to us both, but Athena’s family secrets threaten our unstable foundation.

Fate led us to one another, and I will make her mine—even if lives are lost in the process.

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