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My Piano Recital (Signed Book)

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"My piano recital is about to start. I feel a thumping in my heart!" These are the words to the beautifully illustrated children's poem called "My Piano Recital". Natale Farrell has been a piano teacher for over 30 years and has hosted many recitals and soirées in her home. She knows that every musician feels anxious right before a performance, but those who focus on their songs and not the audience, play their best! The book contains original piano songs with fun lyrics and QR codes that link a recording to each song! The songs are sung by Natale's daughter, Lizzy Farrell, a vocal performance major at UGA as of 2019. The illustrations were made by Elizabeth C.B. Kissick.
This is a signed book and includes shipping. To receive the book, please send your address and who the book is for to Wait for a returned email to confirm. Once you make the payment here on, I will send you the book!
You can also purchase an unsigned book for about $14 on sites such as Amazon, Walmart, Barnes and Nobel, and the BookBaby store. Just search the Title and Author: My Piano Recital by Natale Farrell