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Girl Boss: the ultimate guide for female digital nomads

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A book full of concrete tips and tricks to find your way in the world of digital nomadism as a young female digital entrepreneur... Both practical tips and hard business advice. Read this book and turn your journey into a success!

Many girls have the dream to become a digital nomad. Travelling around the world with your laptop, to inspiring
places and hotspots for entrepreneurs, is far more interesting than staying in the grey Netherlands or Belgium. In an exotic country or bustling metropolis, your personal and
entrepreneurial growth is just around the corner.

But how do you deal with all that? After all, the obstacles show up before you’ve even left. But also once you’re there, as a woman you have specific challenges, especially when
you travel solo. In this e-book we will not only make you aware of these challenges, but also give you practical tips to plan your new lifestyle and enjoy it to the fullest. Hopefully
you’ll come up with good ideas that will inspire other girls to choose their own path.

We don’t shun any topic, but we do keep the focus on those of successful and wealthy (online) entrepreneurs, with their own wishes and requirements. Here you will find both general tips and concrete destinations where you will feel at home immediately.

Safe travels!

By reading this book, you will learn:

  • Introduction 3
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Tip: learn how to code
  • Travel advice for women
  • Staying safe on holidays
  • Entering a relationship on a journey
  • Travelling with children
  • Health
  • Female-friendly destinations
  • You are also an ‘entrepreneur’!
  • How do you shake off the tax authorities?
  • Stay out of the fiscal grip of ‘other’ countries?
  • A business in your new country?
  • Pure offshore, worthless!
  • Voluntarily putting your head under the guillotine. Who does this?
  • One-man business
  • Estonian e-residency: worthless?
  • What about crypto?
  • Overrated problems?
  • Maybe the most important tip!
You will get a PDF (4MB) file
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