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The Second Chance Series  eBooks

In The Second Chance Series, you’ll meet Marissa, Julia, Sydney, and Eden, four college friends who, twenty-five years later, renew their friendships as they find themselves empty nesters and single again. You’ll love getting to know these women and following each one—and her challenges, dreams, and secrets—in her own book. 

Marissa Rewritten (A Novella: Book 1)

Author Marissa Thompson has had writer’s block since her husband died almost two years earlier. Her three closest friends are a comfort. Despite this, things are getting urgent as her career hangs by a thread and repairs on her historic home mount up. Prodded by desperation, Marissa heads to Wilmington, North Carolina for a Civil War research trip. She hopes for inspiration but receives support from a surprising source, a feisty character from her last novel.

Widower Jarrod Lambert has always been close with his only daughter Bethany, a college student, but she seems to be slipping further away from him. In an effort to reconnect with her, he makes an impulsive trip to see her in Wilmington.

Through an accident, Marissa and Jarrod meet and discover common ground. Will it be enough to overcome the obstacles standing between them? 

Julia Redesigned  (Second Chance Series Book 2)

Can a stack of letters provide clues to an age-old conflict and a doorway to a new family?

   For the last three years, Julia De Luca has juggled her successful interior design business with caring for her elderly mother. Following her mother’s death, Julia finds old letters from distant relatives in Italy. They remind her of visits she and her mother made when Julia was a child. Could these letters hold the answer to why their trips to Italy ended abruptly when she was ten years old? 

   These people whose names she’s forgotten are the only family Julia has left on earth. How can she reconnect with them after so many years? Would it be crazy to try?

   Her compelling desire to locate her distant family leads Julia on an impulsive trip to Florence, Italy. Along with savoring the sights and flavors of Florence, Julia discovers that families can be messy, that it’s not too late to fall in love, and that there’s more to Julia De Luca than she ever knew. 

Sydney Rewound (Second Chance Series Book 3)

Sydney Bennett is a frazzled high-school teacher and the single parent of a teenager. Her life is anything but calm, but one ordinary day, an unexpected incident changes everything. While she tries to regain her balance, she’s confronted by the past and a secret even her closest girlfriends don’t know.

Though Sydney has a prickly relationship with her mother, a private quest leads her back home for a visit to the beach town where she grew up. She never expects to cross paths with the man who upended her future, a man she’s never forgotten.

As Sydney’s past collides with her present, she’s forced to reveal her secrets and encounters the surprising power of letting go.  

Eden Redefined (Second Chance Series Book 4)

Eden Godfrey has been a widow too long. Or so her friends tell her. For the first time, she agrees, but she has a more pressing objective. Having sold the family business, which occupied her time and attention for over a decade, she now wants to find a bigger story where she can help people in need. Romance would be secondary. Especially since her brief stint with online dating didn’t end so well . . . as she pushed away the only man with potential.

To the surprise of her friends, she decides to return to college to fulfill a long-term desire of finishing her degree. This will help her find her passion and silence the painful echoes of her past. Just as she discovers a cause worth investing in, she stumbles upon a suspicious scheme that overshadows it . . . and threatens to derail her dreams once again.

Can she finally grasp her dreams and find someone special to share them with?
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