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Think Like a Business Owner

No more procrastination. This course is designed for you to take action

Practical Steps to Think Like a Business Owner

This Course consists of 9 bite-sized video's to enable you to take the steps to thinking like a business owner. Topics include

  • Introduction
  • 1st Steps & Mindset
  • Your Skills
  • Your Customers
  • Your Money
  • Your Marketing
  • Your Legal Structure
  • Your Team
  • Additional Resources

At the end of each section there are top tips that you can use moving forward. In the additional resources section there are a list of websites, podcasts and a recommended book to support you further.

There is also a workbook "Think like a Business Owner" that you can download to add your thoughts in each section as you go along that is under the 1st Steps and Mindset section.

By the end of the course you will have acquired the necessary skills to enable you to "Think like a Business Owner"

Clear your space

When learning something new, it is important to carve out time and space to process your thoughts and to put the new information into practice. You can do this!

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Think Like A Business Owner