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The Ultimate 12 Months Plan To Master Music Production AT HOME

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Wondering What Is The BEST WAY To Learn Music Production On Your Own ?

This ebook will take all the doubts and questions you may have out of your mind! 

By following this 12 months plan, you will stop wondering for hours what you should do in your next studio session, which tutorial you should watch, debating what to focus on first and will catch yourself finally making fast and recognizable progress.

If you’ve been feeling lost, intimidated and overwhelmed at the idea of learning music production on your own (or have no idea where to begin when it comes to keep making progress), this ebook has been written to give you all the tools you need to succeed and becoming a better Music Producer.

Are you ready to work on your passion and get your music career to the next level ? Then grab yourself a copy of the 1 Year Roadmap Ebook and start leveling up your production skills today! 🚀

This 1 Year Roadmap will help you :

  • Gain clarity on what to do each month to make serious progress
  • Never feel lost again in your music journey
  • Learn how to produce and finish more music (up to 3 songs per month!)
  • Know what to do at anytime to work on your skills
  • Gain a lot of tips and tricks to be a successful producer
  • Go from a beginner/intermediate level to an advanced producer
  • Develop your artist career outside of the daw (Music Marketing & Promotion)

What is included in this guide ?

  • 12 Months Plan (over 30 pages)
  • Which tutorials to watch (Don't spend hours looking for the right ones)
  • Lists of Free vst's, plugins, samples and presets packs to get you started or grow your library
  • Ultimate Labels List (+100 EDM Labels)
  • Discounts to many music resources (Distrokid, Studio etc...)
  • Lifetime updates

Who is this Ebook for ?

Any beginner/intermediate producer that feels lost or don't know what to do to get their music career to the next level.

Once you check out, you will receive a PDF including the link to the Ebook, which is hosted on a website. Make sure to copy and paste the WHOLE link in your browser.
You will get a PDF (473KB) file
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