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Simple Money-Saving Meal Ideas Workbook

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The Simple, Money-Saving Meal Ideas workbook is designed to help you learn to simplify and save money in the kitchen.

It will walk you through different aspects of meal planning, tips to save money on groceries with little effort, give you meal ideas, and tips on how to simplify your cooking practices.

At the end of the workbook, you’ll find a comprehensive and editable master grocery list that is bound to save you time and mental energy by not having to make a list from scratch or run back to the store because you forgot something!

Implement the first tip in the grocery savings checklist and this book will be paid for after just one shopping trip!

It includes:
  • Minimalist Meal Planning
  • Simple Minimalist Meal Ideas
  • Minimalist Cooking Tips
  • Simple Ways to Save Money on Groceries
  • Master Grocery List
You will get a PDF (877KB) file
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