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Guitar Ensembles Vol.2

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This book is the second in a series of “Guitar Ensembles”.

120 Pages.

“Guitar Ensemble” is an effective aid for the study of ensemble music from beginner and middle school up to a high level. 

The book contains original pieces and three arrangements of popular pieces!

It contains seven interesting and melodic pieces for classical guitar formations.

The book is a collection of original works and pieces for guitar, suitable for chamber 

ensemble and orchestra.

The pieces in this book are written so that both beginners 

and advanced students of different ages can play them. 

The variety of genre and rhythmic plays in the book enrich the guitarists in their 

learning process. 

Different technical elements and techniques for playing the guitar are being used in the 

entire author’s work, such as legato, staccato, apoyando, different types of arpeggios , 

chords, barrets, etc.

Ensemble playing and training opens up huge opportunities for the development of 

students' musical abilities.

During playing in ensemble the student learns synchrony, precision in playing and the

ability to listen to other performers (which is not an easy task at the beginning). Also 

the so needed metro-rhythmic sense of process is being built.

Ensemble playing is a very important stage of training for any young musician. It 

needs to start from the very first lesson with appropriate plays and repertoire. Initially, 

it is good to play with a teacher and later with other students

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