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Mi Ciudad Studio (My Citadel Studio) is an industry and alternative space for education, training, cultural activities and entertainment. With our creations we promote physical and mental health, empathy and social relationships.

And we have a book called Noticias Mi Ciudad (My Citadel News). This book is very special for us because it was a way to capture all those details that went through our minds to heal and at the same time help others. 

It is fully illustrated by Lyda Estrada, a Colombian illustrator. In 2014 we were present at the International Book Fair with Librería Lehmann (Costa Rica) and in 2022 we also participated in the International Book Fair with Librería Internacional (Costa Rica), where you can buy the book. It is already translated into Spanish and will soon be translated into Hebrew. 

In Noticias Mi Ciudad (My Citadel News) people will be able to read short texts or phrases where life issues are reflected, reflections based on details that sometimes go unnoticed in the cities. It has no chronological order, so it doesn't matter if you read it today and come back to it days, weeks or years later. In fact, the texts and illustrations invite you to practice mindfulness.

Noticias Mi Ciudad (My Citadel News) represents an attempt to recover ancient concepts that seem forgotten in today’s society. It is about empathy, the value of friendship, the legitimacy of dreaming, the importance of continually marveling at things big and small, the meaning of the word ‘life,’ and the urgency of social relationships.

You will get a PDF (29MB) file
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