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Celena's Pack #2

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My life is a disaster. I thought I was free. Turns out, that was just a cruel fantasy.

The bastard found me. Now I’m living my worst nightmare. I’m in a hellhole, bound to the fae prince, and I’m not okay with that.

When an opportunity to escape presents itself, I’m all for it…Until I find out, I have to perform necromancy to win my freedom.

That’s a problem—a problem that’s strictly forbidden by the Jinn gods. Spending eternity with the fae prince is worse than repercussions for breaking the rules.

I reluctantly do it and summon the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. But there’s a darkness that dwells within her,

And I’ve awakened it. Now what?

This is the second installment of Celena's pack. A urban fantasy with a slow burn romance where there's no need to choose. Prepare for a sassy heroine and three swoon worthy shifters.

You will get a EPUB (317KB) file