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High Crime on the Low

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Approximately 220 pages  $3.95

High Crime on the Low: How a "Comedy of Errors" Hoax in Chicago shook up a nation and revealed a hidden empire.

Here is a brief preview of what you will enjoy: A Detailed Timeline, News Summaries, Deep State and Legal Analysis, Police Report and Bond Summaries, Opinions, Slams, and Suspects and Motives.

The full cast of characters includes:

Jussie Smollett, Jussie’s sister Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Kim Foxx, Tina Tchen, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Ola Osundairo, Bola Osundairo, George Soros, Lori Lightfoot, Rahm Emanuel, Michael Skolnik, Joseph Magats, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and some of the Empire’s executives and stars. Many of the above are alleged Deep State assets.

President Trump weighed in with many tweets against Jussie.

Why did the Obama White House use all of their big guns to get blundering Jussie free without much publicity, like Michelle Obama, Jesse Jackson, Tina Chen, and Rahm Emmanuel?

Was it because Kamala Harris, Jussie’s first cousin once removed, was in on staging a “modern-day lynching” scheme after writing an unnecessary but highly political bill with Cory Booker to make lynching a hate crime? Did she think a successful “lynching” could stop a “racist and homophobic” Trump and make her President instead?

It turns out that Jussie’s family is highly political and well connected.

Can Trump leverage Jussie’s recent convictions for 2024?
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